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About FPC

The factory offers a full range of PVC, PFE, Polyurethane, Silicone and Acrylic coated with a continuous liner to produce a fabric of 3.2 width and weight from 400 g/m² to 2000 g/m². Our products include banners, billboards, tarpaulins, truck side curtains, tents, tensile film (PVC-coated fiberglass fabric, PFE-coated fiberglass fabric and silicone-coated fiberglass fabric) and other specialty products.

The factory is based on the latest German technology, as it was designed and built for multiple purposes, taking advantage of the technical aspects to obtain competitive and high quality products. The company’s staff is also highly skilled with many years of experience in manufacturing these specialized high-tech products. We always put our customers first and quality is an essential part of our products.


To be Pioneers of Fabric industries in the local and international markets.


Satisfying customers with quality products, competitive prices and building the trusted relation all over the world from the heart of Saudi Arabia.


 Integrity, Trust, Non-Discrimination, Excellence, Teamwork, Innovation

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