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Corporate social responsibility

The management of FIPCO and its subsidiaries (FPC) believes in the importance of integrating the disadvantaged segment of society with the rest of society. In this context, the company has recently set up a program for a social group who are people with special needs, and for this purpose the company has coordinated with a local association to train candidates in preparation for employing them within the cadre of employees in the company’s various departments like their colleagues and enabling them to enjoy equal opportunities despite their special circumstances.

Currently, the company is working on implementing ambitious plans in coordination with various social bodies with the aim of achieving a noticeable difference in the lives of less fortunate or needy individuals.

Therefore, we ask you to follow us on this site to find out what is going on in this field, which confirms the company’s commitment to practice and develop social responsibility projects.

Board message

Among the vision of FIPCO and its subsidiary FPC for Industry is that People with special needs must receive special care and attention, to integrate them into society and public life in order to demonstrate their energies and capabilities, and make them a productive category that contributes to the process of community development and the comprehensive development process.

FIPCO and its subsidiary company, FPC, pay attention to People with special needs from a humanitarian, educational, social and cultural standpoint. Domains.

FIPCO and its subsidiary company, FPC, have strengthened their efforts to provide the necessary services and guidance for People with special needs to make them active people who are able to rely on themselves, enter the battlefield of life, provide adequate opportunities to improve their quality of life, achieve independence and remove the obstacles and difficulties they face in reaching a better standard of life.

FIPCO and its subsidiary company, FPC, believes that People with special needs with various physical, visual and intellectual disabilities must receive attention and be integrated into society to show the energies of this group and make it a productive group in society that contributes to the comprehensive development process.

The Board

HR Director And Administration

We are pleased at FIPCO and its subsidiary FPC to be at the forefront of companies that employ People with special needs and help them to settle in work and their interaction with other workers of non- People with special needs, by providing an appropriate work environment that helps them to do so and provide All kinds of support for them through counseling programs, training, and workshops related to disability and spreading this in the work environment.
Highlighting the best work that FIPCO and its subsidiary company, FPC , does towards its employees with special needs , and the company’s interest in developing and supporting them, sends positive messages to people of determination who think about working for us, and also makes the company’s employees of determination look positively to Themselves and their work that they present with a view that differs from what was before their work in the company, and it also makes them productive and active members in the labor market and gains confidence in themselves and their work.

Husain M. Alattas
HR Director And Administration

guide for dealing with people with special needs